Wednesday, May 26, 2010

4-Year-Old, Grandma Attacked By Pit Bull

A 4-year-old girl and her grandmother had some strong words to describe a pit bull they said attacked them Tuesday.
"It's stupid," 4-year-old Tytionna said.
"Kill it. They should put it down," her grandmother added.
The two were on a walk with Tytionna's 2-month-old brother when the pit bull the family was dog-sitting got loose.
It charged the trio and bit Tytionna in the face, dragging her to the ground. Then it bit her leg and shook her.
"It swallowed my earring," she said.
A Good Samaritan, who didn't want to be identified, ran out just in time and started kicking the dog. She said she couldn't just stand by and watch.
"To see it happen was truly terrifying. Terrifying," she said. "You just don't know how vulnerable you are."
Tytionna got five stitches in her face and six in her leg.
The dog still hasn't been taken into custody or tested for rabies.
"It might bite someone else's child or an adult. They need to kill him," Tytionna's grandmother said.


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