Sunday, May 30, 2010

Boy Suffers From Dog Bite

A Panama City Beach boy is sent to the hospital after he is bitten in the face by a dog.
Bay County sheriff’s officials confirmed the incident happened around 12:30 Saturday afternoon at 5603 Pine Tree Road in Panama City Beach.
The boy, ten-year-old Matthew Haris, was riding over to his friend’s house to grab a toy, when he says his friend’s dog starting attacking him.
The boxer, pit bull mix bit Matthew in the face. A neighbor heard the commotion and rushed over to help.
They were able to pull the dog off of Matthew and get his wounds cleaned as best as they could.  The boy was taken to the hospital to get 19 stitches.
Matthew’s father says he was shocked when he first saw his child.
“When I got there, the couple of grown ups that were there were really frantic. Matthew seemed pretty calm, holding the towel on his face,” Matthew’s father Thomas Haris said. “I think he was pretty much in shock really.”
Jim Crosby, division manager at the Bay County Animal Control, says the dog is currently being quarantined by the owner at the home.  The animal control is still investigating to determine if the dog should be declared dangerous or not.


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