Monday, May 31, 2010

Deputy shoots pit bull threatening his partner

ROCK CREEK, Ore. – A deputy shot a pit bull dog that he said lunged at his fellow deputy in the Rock Creek area Sunday, authorities said.
The deputies were responding to a complaint about vicious dogs loose in the 18900 block of NW Shadow Lane around 6 a.m. A neighbor called for help because three pit bulls were in her yard and would not let her out of her home. She told deputies that the dogs belonged to her neighbor.
A deputy who responded to the complaint said he recognized one of the dogs as a pit bull that had tried to bite him just a week earlier.
The deputies said they contacted the dogs’ owner and she came outside, but made no effort to control her dogs and one of the pit bulls began advancing on them.
“Once the dog displayed behavior that indicated he was going to attack one of the deputies, another deputy shot the dog. The pit bull reeled momentarily but resumed his advance on the deputy. The second deputy fired again and this time the dog ran off and was corralled by his owners,” said Sgt. David Thompson with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.
The dog was taken to Dove Lewis Animal Hospital in Portland and was listed in stable condition.
The owner of the dog was cited for keeping a dangerous dog and the two other pit bulls were returned home.


Update May 31, 2010 5:53pm - The Portlander reports that the incident in which the deputy referred to, in which he was almost bitten a week earlier, occurred at the owners home while he was taking a burglary report.
The owner had taken control of the dog in that incident.

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