Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is a Pit Bull Right for You?

Pit Bull ownership is one of the most rewarding experiences dog owners can have. Their affectionate natures, goofball personalities, and eager-to-please attitudes will likely steal your heart forever. In fact, many Pit Bull owners swear they’ll never own another breed!
Success depends on finding the right match between your lifestyle, personality, and the needs of the dog. What’s it like to live with a Pit Bull? Read on…

A Pit Bull may be right for you if:
* You want a dog that lives to please you. Pit Bulls are an extremely biddable breed. They’re happy as long as you’re happy with them. Unlike some of the aloof or independent breeds, Pit Bulls are right there when you call.
* You want a constant companion. Pit Bulls are affectionate, happy dogs that want to be with you, near you, or in your lap! They’re professional cuddlers. Be sure you have the time for a dog that needs your companionship. (Work all day? See below).
* You’re prepared to handle a smart pooch. Pit Bulls are intelligent and can quickly get into mischief if they are not mentally and physically stimulated everyday. Don’t expect to leave your Pit Bull in the backyard all day to entertain himself. He’ll likely climb the fence and find something more interesting to do!
* You’re physically capable of handling a strong dog. Pit Bulls are strong for their size. You will need to establish firm boundaries from the beginning and be prepared for their strength.
* You’ve got thick skin. A lot of people are afraid of and judge Pit Bulls. Be prepared for the occasional thoughtless comment and discrimination.
* You have time to train and exercise your Pit Bull. Some Pit Bulls are couch potatoes and some want to go for a vigorous hike. Make sure you’re prepared to meet the exercise needs of the Pit Bull you choose. Keep in mind younger dogs usually need more activity than adult dogs.
* You want a dog that can do it all. Pit Bulls excel at therapy work, obedience, agility, dock jumping, hiking, search & rescue, and just about any other dog activity you can imagine!

A Pit Bull may NOT be right for you if:
* You have your heart set on going to the dog park. The dog park is fraught with potential dangers for your Pit Bull.
* You want a dog to guard your home and property. Pit Bulls were not bred for this work and make lousy guard dogs. A sound, well-socialized Pit Bull should be friendly and welcoming toward everyone.
* You don’t want a dog in the house. A Pit Bull should NOT be left outside all day or night. They easily become bored and are quick escape artists. Pit Bulls love to be with their people; if neglected they could develop severe behavioral problems.
* You don’t have time to supervise your Pit Bull around other dogs or kids. Children should always be supervised around any breed of dog for both the child’s safety and the dog’s safety. If you have or plan to have other dogs in the home, someone should be around to hang out or supervise when they’re all together. Your Pit Bull should be crated or otherwise separated from other pets when you leave the house.
* You aren’t prepared for the future. If you rent and your landlord is OK with a Pit Bull, consider yourself lucky! Many landlords have strict limits on size and breeds – the Pit Bull being one of them. If you have to move, it may be significantly harder to find living accommodations with a Pit Bull. Do you have a back-up plan? Are you willing to live farther away from work or pay a bit more if it means you can keep your dog?
You should also have a pet sitter on hand that’s comfortable with your dog in case you have to leave town in a pinch. Some boarding facilities won’t take Pit Bulls, so you’ll need to have a way to care for your Pit Bull should an emergency arise.

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