Saturday, May 29, 2010

Owner of pit bull that attacked neighbors' pets is sentenced

Sandy Kelley, whose pit bull-mix Barty escaped and attacked her neighbors' dogs in 2009, has been sentenced for animal abuse.
Court records show Kelley was ordered to serve 180 days in the Greene County Jail, a sentence that was suspended if she follows other terms of her sentencing.
She also received two years' probation and was ordered to pay restitution to two neighbors whose dogs were attacked by Barty.
Kelley must pay $457.62 to Sheila Alvarado.
Witnesses said Barty jumped Alvarado's fence, killed a pet Chihuahua and mauled Alvarado's pet Doberman.
Kelley also must pay $282 to neighbor Linda Polley. Witnesses said Barty attacked and injured one of Polley's pet dogs.
The court allowed her to make $20 monthly payments starting July 1 until the restitution is complete.
Other conditions ordered by the court include:
- Kelley must undergo weekly counseling during her probation and follow all counselor recommendations.
- She must allow a Springfield CARE (Castaway Animal Rescue Effort) person to do temperament testing on Kelley's existing dogs, and assess her ability to control them. The dogs will be removed if they have "unacceptable temperament" or if Kelley can't control them.
- If the dogs must be removed, Kelley can own no more than two dogs weighing up to 15 pounds each.
- Those dogs must be contained in her home or backyard, and she must repair her backyard fence within six months to adequately contain them.
Reached by phone Friday, Kelley declined to comment about the sentencing requirements.
The Springfield-Greene County Health Department declared Barty a vicious dog, and Kelley's pet was euthanized in January.


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