Monday, May 31, 2010

Pit bull attacks dog walker

A BRITISH woman and her Japanese Akita have been attacked and badly bitten by a roaming pitbull terrier in Didim.

Jackie Doswell was walking her nine-year-old dog Jake along Marina Road when the dark brown pitbull dog burst out of nowhere and began attacking them on Monday night.

Jackie suffered several bite wounds, along with her Jake, before a British man living alongside the road, beat off the pitbull with bricks. A vet was called and the dog was captured.

Jackie underwent emergency surgery for her bites and is now on a course of anti-rabies jabs, while her pet dog was kept in overnight at a vet’s before being released on Tuesday.

Jackie’s husband George said: “She was walking along the road with Jake before it went dark and this pitbull came out of nowhere and started attacking them.

“It was a very frightening experience and could have been worse if no-one had come to their aid.”

He said: “Jackie is under medication but psychologically it has shaken her up and she is having nightmares. Obviously, if it had been a child, the incident could have been far more serious.

“I am very angry about this because the vet believes the pitbull was not a street dog, but well looked after. Thankfully, it is now caught and off the streets.”

He said the incident had been reported to Altinkum police.

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