Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pit Bull Deemed Not Dangerous

A Pit Bull is going to be set free Thursday after it mauled a five year old boy earlier this month.
WITN first told you about Josh Carver on May 14th. Authorities say the five year old was attacked by a neighbor's pit bull in Washington. Carver had to have multiple staples in his head and stitches on his face. That pit bull, Roscoe has been quarantined at the Beaufort County Animal Shelter where a board was waiting ten days to deem it dangerous or not. Wednesday, Carver's father decided not to petition for the dog's euthanization, so Roscoe will be set free.
Roscoe's owner would not go on camera but told WITN News she is moving to a more secluded area and was extremely happy to be getting her pit bull back.


* For whatever reason, the original story on May 14 escaped me, so I will post it here:

Father Says 5-Year-Old Attacked By Pit Bull

 A 5-year-old is recovering after his father says he was attacked by a neighbor's Pit Bull Thursday evening.
Josh Carver had 10 staples put in the back of his head and 8 stitches in his face. He was released from Pitt County Memorial Hospital Friday morning.
Family members say the youngster was bitten while visiting his uncle's home in Chocowinity.
Animal Control says they have the dog quarantined for ten days and are still investigating to see if it is dangerous. Sandy Woolard says the dog was in its own yard when the child went into the yard. She said they are still investigating other details that happened.


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