Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pit bull killed after mauling pug to death

A pit bull was shot and killed late Tuesday by a Lee deputy who arrived as the dog mauled to death Bailey, a pug, in Lehigh Acres.
According to Lee County Domestic Animal Services and Lee County Sheriff’s Office reports:
Deputies were called about 10 p.m. Tuesday by Christopher Jijon to his house in the 2700 block of 33rd Street West who said Bailey had been mauled by a pit bull which lives nearby. Jijon used a shovel to try to stop the attack, but was not successful.
He said he’d been outside with Bailey when the pit bull ran from across the street and began mauling the pug. As a deputy arrived, he saw the pit bull with Bailey in his mouth in Jijons’ front yard.
The pit bull, believed to be named Tank, had Bailey for about 15 minutes then became aggressive to deputies who ultimately shot him. The pit ran into Jijon’s garage and went back outside where he died.
An animal control officer and deputy went to the house where the pit was believed to have lived. A woman who was outside asked what the officials wanted. They explained they needed to speak with the pit bull’s owner – whose name was given by Jijon to officials. The woman went inside, came back out a few minutes later and said the other woman/owner was sleeping.
Officials asked the woman to awaken the owner, but she refused, went back inside and no one would answer officials repeated attempts to get someone to come to the door.
Jijon had told officials there were two other pit bulls in the backyard of the house, so the deputies and an animal control officer walked around the house to the backyard. They found another male pit bull in a large homemade kennel and two cages away was a female who looked as if she had recently had puppies.
Officials tried to speak with the owner again, but no one answered. Records show the woman owns a pit bull named Tank. She had yet to be cited because officials could not contact her.
The animal control officer removed Bailey at Jijon’s request because his girlfriend was extremely upset about what had happened.

Naples News 

Update May 26, 2010 4:15pm - WZVN is reporting that the Pit Bull owner is identified as Edricka Cooks.
According to the report by WZVN, Jijon told them, "The police officer said, ‘Do something, get your dog.' And she was like, ‘What can I do? I can't do anything."
WZVN further states that they tried to speak with the owner of the pit bull but no one answered the door. 
Cooks is being cited with failure to safely secure her dog and faces several hundred dollars worth of fines.

Update May 27, 2010 2:47pm - Naples News reports that the owner of a pit bull that was shot dead has been found and issued four citations.
Originally the pit bull was believed to be named Tank and owned by a woman. However on Thursday after animal control officers spoke to the people at the house in the 2700 block of 33rd Street West in Lehigh, they learned it was her boyfriend, Lorenzo Hood, who owned the dog and its name was Gator. He was cited for allowing a dog to run at-large and for the threatening and menacing behavior of the dog, said Ria Brown, a Lee County Domestic Animal Services spokeswoman.
Hood also received two citations for Tank: failure to vaccinate for rabies and failure to get a Lee County license.
In a separate incident, Gator and a pregnant female, Jazzy, were impounded March 4 by Lee County Domestic Animal Services, Brown said. They were claimed March 5 at which point Gator received required vaccinations and a license. Hood paid for Jazzy’s vaccinations and license, but the shots cannot be given until her now two-week-old puppies are weaned, Brown said.

Update June 1, 2010 6:13pm - WZVN is reporting that Hood has a history of arrests. The article follows:

Owner of dangerous pit bull has history of arrests
LEE COUNTY: Lorenzo Hood has a history of breaking the law. In March 2008, Hood sprained his ankle after jumping off a bridge in an effort to escape Lee County Sheriff's deputies following a routine traffic stop.
Hood was charged with aggravated assault on an officer.
He's in trouble once again, but this time with Animal Services.
He was charged with owning a dog exhibiting menacing behavior and also cited for having a dog running at large.
Hood's pit bull Tank was shot and killed by Lee County Sheriff's deputies after it killed a neighbor's pug and then charged at deputies.
Animal Services discovered two other pit bulls living in the back yard of Hood's Lehigh Acres home. One just had a litter of puppies, which concerns Animal Control.
We spoke with Hood's girlfriend off camera but she didn't want to speak about the allegations.
Hood has 10-days to get up-to-date licenses and rabies vaccinations for his other two pit bulls or he'll face additional fines. As of now, he owes nearly $800 and faces a possible civil suit from the owner of the pug.

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