Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pit Bull Mix Cited In 2nd Attack On Boy

A 3-year-old boy was attacked and bitten in the head Tuesday night by his grandmother’s pit bull mix while she was baby-sitting him at her Ormond Beach home, according to deputies.
According to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, the boy was lying on the floor of his grandmother's home when he grabbed the dog, prompting it to bite him.The boy suffered three to four deep lacerations to the left side of his head and a large laceration to the left side of his forehead above his eye, deputies said.He was taken to a hospital and was conscious and talking, according to a sheriff's report, which said the boy told police that "the mean dog bit him."The report also said that the officer at the scene noticed an old scar on the boy's left cheek.In the report, the boy's mother said the same dog bit her son a year ago and that the dog was supposed to be kept outside when his grandmother was baby-sitting him. Deputies said that she was visibly upset and angry at her mother when she arrived at the home after deputies called her and the boy's father.
After the attack, the boy's grandmother quickly picked up the child to get him away from the dog, the report said. She immediately drove the boy and dog to Florida Hospital Oceanside in Ormond, where deputies later arrived.
When asked why she didn't call 911, she said that she didn't want to wait, the report stated. When deputies asked why she took the dog with her, she said that her boyfriend was going to kill it, the report stated. The boyfriend was on the back porch at the time of the attack and did not witness the incident, the report stated.
Animal Control officials told the grandmother to take the dog back to her house and wait for them to assess the situation. The owner later turned the dog over to authorities.
The boy's current condition is not known.
A copy of the report was forwarded to the Department of Children and Families for further review.

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