Sunday, May 23, 2010

Police Kill Pit Bull In Stand-off

Members of a Rockford, Ilinois SWAT team shot and killed a Pit Bull while ending a siege that apparently lasted more than six hours.
A woman at the scene, Kizia Brown, said her father had locked himself in his girlfriend’s house with his pit bull earlier in the day
Police cordoned off and evacuated the 1700 block of Cumberland Avenue.
A Mobile Command Unit arrived around 4:40 p.m., while police had been at the scene since early this afternoon.
At 6:45pm, a ComEd worker, escorted by two SWAT team members, shut off electricity to the home where the man was holed up.
At 6:48pm, two shots were fired, and police informed the family that the dog had likely been killed.
At 6:55pm, police apprehended the man, who emerged from the home accompanied by SWAT officers and was wearing blue jeans, black tennis shoes and no shirt. He was shouting to police that they killed his dog.

Update May 23, 2010 9:24pm - WIFR reports that the incident began when Rickie Brown, 46, while drunk, armed with a shotgun and threatening suicide, locked himself in, what they say is, his house.
The report states that police started negotiations with Brown around 11:30 am.
Police say when Brown exited out his side door, his pit bull ran out and tried to attack them. That's when an officer shot and killed the dog.
The report further states that this was not the first Pit Bull killed by Rockford police today.
Another one was shot at ten this morning in the 800 block of North Central. Authorities say moments after arresting a man on an unrelated incident, a pit bull charged after an officer and attacked. They say he had no choice but to kill it. The officer was not injured.

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