Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tom Brady gets a pass on Boston pit-bull rule

New England Patriots pigskin pooh-bah Tom Brady is bullish on his pit bull, Lua, but according to the city, the BradyBundch’s new pet has not been registered with Boston Animal Control.
And although the city has issued more than 500 citations to delinquent pit-bull owners, no ticket has been issued to Brady. We smell a canine cover-up!

Now as you may know, the city of Boston has an ordinance which requires owners of pit bulls - or pit-bull mixes - to register the dog with Animal Control. The dog must be muzzled in public, and owners are required to post a sign reading “Pit Bull Dog” or “Beware Of Dog” on their property. Which ought to go over reeeeeeally well in oh-so-posh Back Bay!

Mayoral spokesgal Dot Joyce told the Track that since Tom and his bride, Gisele Bundchen, have “multiple addresses,” the dog is probably registered at “their primary address.” Wherever that is. Brentwood? Costa Rica? They don’t live in New York anymore.
But let’s see if we understand this: Jet-setting pit bulls with multiple addresses get a pass, but hounds from the ’hood get slapped with a fine. Sorry, but this stinks like dog poo. Not to mention doggie discrimination!
“They don’t have to register the dog here if the dog is registered somewhere else,” she said. “It wouldn’t be feasible to have people who visit here register their dogs.”

Because, what? Visiting dogs don’t bite????

Well, according to Tommy, his doesn’t. No. 12 told WEEI’s “Dennis & Callahan” yesterday that Lua, is “a great family dog” who doesn’t have “an aggressive bone in her body.”

“We had her trained . . . really intensive training for three months,” he told the ’EEI morning men about his dog, which he rescued from the pound. “She would definitely lick someone to death, whoever came in the house.”

Well, that’s very interesting because last month’s Vogue maggie reported that vistors to Casa Brady in Boston are told “not to make eye contact” with Miss Lua or she “just might bite.” Aha!

As for Gisele’s prima pooch, the diminutive Vida, Tom told John and Gerry that she still rules the roost.
“She owns our pit bull, believe me, that little 4-pound dog owns her,” he said of the Yorkie. “There’s no disputing who the little alpha female in the house is - and that’s my wife’s dog.”

Patriots spokesman Stacey James refused comment on the canine controversy.

Boston Herald

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