Monday, May 24, 2010

Victim Of Pit Bull Attack Speaks Only To CBS Atlanta News

A Southwest Atlanta man attacked by two pit bulls Saturday, said he nearly died in the attack.Frank Booker said he was walking along the 500 block of Mayland Avenue Saturday when two pit bulls attacked him.“They grabbed my pants on my leg,” said Booker. “The other one he came and hit me on my arm, so it was back and forth. He hit me all over my leg arm and one of them hit me in my face.”The wounds are so deep, Booker will spend a third night in Grady hospital. Doctors said they are concerned his wounds may get infected. Booker said he’s in constant pain and can’t move without it overwhelming him.“It is really bad,” Booker said. “I am having a hard time, the pain is just too much.”Booker credits an elderly woman for distracting the dogs long enough for him to get away. Despite what happened to him, he doesn’t blame the dogs, but he does say the dog’s owner could have prevented the whole thing by making sure they stayed in their pen.“They should have had chains on them,” he said. “Even though they are inside that little fence, the fence just isn’t high enough. Anybody could have jumped that fence! They should have had a bigger fence.”The dogs are being held by Fulton County Animal Control until their fate is determined. Meanwhile their owners have been issued two citations.

CBS Atlanta

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