Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Woman gets bit by dog after allegedly starting fight in neighbor's yard

"Scruffy" just did what his breed is wont to do when a person in his care is assaulted -- he attacked the aggressor.
An East Main Street woman was sent to UMMC around 8:30 p.m., Tuesday, after she allegedly went onto a neighbor's property and started fighting with a woman who was staying there.
Her leg was reportedly bitten pretty badly.
The woman whom "Scruffy" was reportedly protecting also suffered a dog bite, probably accidentally, when she tried pulling "Scruffy" off the other woman. She was also transported to UMMC.
When the incident started, "Scruffy" was quietly sitting on his own porch at 516 E. Main St., doing what he normally does -- just watching -- when the fight started. He jumped off the porch and attacked the woman who had allegedly come onto his property.
"Scruffy," if that's his real name, Sgt. John Peck wasn't 100 percent sure, is part pit bull.
Neither "Scruffy" nor his owner face any chargers since "Scruffy" did not leave his owner's property and didn't break any laws.
Peck said neighbors were familiar with the dog and described him as normally very friendly. The dog has no prior history of attacks or aggression. Peck said "Scruffy" was friendly with him when he approached.
Whether either of the women will be charged with any crime is unknown, Sgt. Peck said. The case is still open.
Peck said the women had been taunting each other recently, which seemed to precipate the alleged altercation last night.
The police are not releasing any names until and unless actual charges are filed.

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