Thursday, June 24, 2010

Animal Lovers Respond

By Bill White, The Morning Call

I wrote in my column last Saturday about two rescued strays with special surgical needs and encouraged people to contribute toward their care and to lend their homes and money to other animal rescue groups.
   I also wrote about Ronan, the stray cat whose shattered paw (that's him showing it off on the left) was repaired thanks to another rescue group and who ended up as part of my home’s animal family.
   I have an update and two photos for you today. But in case you missed it and are too lazy to follow the link, it began with this e-mail, from Diane Davison at the group No Kill Lehigh Valley:

    “We are desperately trying to raise money for two surgeries. One is for a 10-week-old kitten with a shattered humerus -- found hiding under a car in a rainstorm. That surgery has been done (on my credit card) because the kitten was in such pain we couldn't wait for fundraising. Cost was $1,700. The other is for a pit bull named Brooklyn. She was adopted from the Center for Animal Health and Welfare, an abuse case. She has luxating patellas, a condition that is making it progressively more difficult for her to get around and which will continue to get worse if it is not taken care of. Very sweet dog. Surgery on both legs will cost $3,400.
   "NKLV's treasury has been decimated by all the need out there so I need to find a way to reach beyond our group. Both cases are really heartrending.”
     Apparently, some readers agreed. By Tuesday, NKLV already had received more than $1,000 in donations, including a $500 gift, and had been contacted by an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Pennsylvania who offered to do Brooklyn’s surgery for $800 a leg. Another $200 arrived today.
     As a result of the money already received, NKLV said in an e-mail to supporters Tuesday: “This means we can pay for Brooklyn's first leg surgery and have $200 toward the second. She is scheduled for her first surgery on June 29. After that she needs hydrotherapy and then will have the surgery on the second leg three months later. By Christmas this sweet dog should be able to run and play like anyone else.”
    As for the cat: “Smokey the kitten went to Valley Central [vet] today to have his chest and shoulder bandages removed. As you can see in the attached photo of him in the car after his appointment, he is still sporting a handsome cast, but the doctor reports that he is healing beautifully and has gained one and a half pounds.”
    The message concluded, “Look at those adorable animals and think of how much our support means to them and to the people who love them. Sometimes this work is so difficult -- but then there are days like this, and it's all worthwhile. Thank you to everyone who sent in money. We still need $600 for Brooklyn and $1,700 for Smokey ( we charged his surgery.) Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your support!”
    I’ll try to keep you up to date on their progress, here and in a future column, but meanwhile, here are photos of these two handsome animals. Note Brooklyn’s grin and little Smokey’s pretty cast.

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