Monday, June 21, 2010

Attleboro pit bull attacks 1-year-old

By Ira Kantor, Boston Herald

A male toddler is out of the hospital and recovering at home after surviving a bite to the face by a relative’s frisky pit bull during a backyard cookout Sunday night on East Bacon Street in Attleboro, cops said. The 1 -year-old boy, who has not been identified, has been released from Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence after suffering three tooth-puncture marks to his face. He “is doing fine,” according to his mother and father, said Attleboro Police Capt. Kyle Heagney.
The 3 -year-old male dog, which was not muzzled or on a leash, has been quarantined for 10 days at its home, Heagney said.
There have been no prior incidents involving the pooch, Heagney said.
“Obviously it’s pretty traumatic for the child,” Heagney said.
Police and Attleboro Animal Control continue to investigate the incident. Family members could not be reached for comment.
The incident is the latest in a rash of pit bull attacks in the Bay State. Last month, a Lowell grandfather was rescued by a neighbor after his pet pit bulls turned on him. Days earlier, an off-duty state trooper was forced to shoot a pit bull that viciously attacked a 12-year-old Hyde Park boy.

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