Monday, June 28, 2010

Crews free puppy from Titusville storm drain

By J.D. Gallop, Florida Today

A six-week-old pit bull puppy was safely pulled from a shallow storm drain by Titusville rescue crews this morning.
After more than 30 minutes, a Brevard County Animal Services agent was able to coax the puppy toward her and pulled it out of the drain.
“It went fine. (The puppy) just came to her,” said Scott Gaenicke, spokesman for the Titusville Fire Department. The incident happened at the intersection of Short and Gilbert streets.
The puppy was wrapped in a towel and then taken to the North Animal Care Center, officials said.
The incident unfolded as a Brevard County Animal Services agent reported the puppy’s predicament at 7:41 a.m. today in the area of Gilbert and Short streets and requested assistance to help get into the storm drainage system to remove the animal.
“It was awesome,” said Lt. Doug Chamberlin, describing the feeling he and other firefighters had as the canine was retrieved safely.
Brevard County Animal Services agent Madeline Harris placed the puppy in a blue towel and walked it back to her truck.
The puppy appeared to be shaken but was physically in good condition, officials reported.
“It’s just one of the things we do,” Gaenicke said of the rescue.

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