Monday, June 21, 2010

Girl, 5, rushed for 7-hour emergency operation after pitbull savages her face

From Mail Online

A five-year-old girl has been left with severe facial injuries after being mauled by a 'pitbull-type' dog.
One police officer described Courtney Bradshaw's injuries as 'the worst thing' he had seen after the child was left with 'deep cuts and lacerations' to her face and head.
The young girl underwent a seven-hour emergency operation on Saturday, and is expected to need further plastic surgery.
The terrifying incident happened as Courtney and her two-year-old sister Mia Harrison-Bradshaw played in a friend's bedroom. 
Her mother, Claire Bradshaw, said Courtney had walked to a house in Accrington, Lancs, on Saturday, just yards from her home to ask about a party, and stopped to play. 
Mrs Bradshaw, 29, said: 'She was only gone for five minutes and was at my friend's house with Mia.
'I can't remember a lot, just that someone came in to tell me a dog had my child. 
'I thought it was Mia at first. I ran down the street and she was in my friend's arms. It was just horrific.
'I went with her in the ambulance. She was very sleepy, but has not cried once. She just said to me "Mummy, I went to cuddle the doggy and it started biting me".
'After she had some X-rays, she said to my mum "it's not a naughty doggy".'
Mrs Bradshaw, who spent almost 24 hours at Courtney's bedside in Royal Blackburn Hospital, following the incident at 11.30am on Saturday, said she thought the dog was a pitbull-type, which her friend had only had for a matter of days. 
Courtney, a pupil at St Paul's Primary School, Accrington, has two other sisters, Paige Bradshaw, seven, and Freya Harrison-Bradshaw, one. 
Sergeant Steve Hilton said: 'The first officer on the scene saw the young girl in the back of the ambulance and she had quite serious facial injuries.
'It would appear she had been bitten on the right side of her face near her eye, with the skin ripped down. 
'There was quite a deep laceration to her head and a nasty split ear, with small puncture wounds. 
'It was not pleasant at all, an awful scene. In the words of the officer, it was the worst thing he's seen since he's been in the job.' 
Police said the dog, called Scratch', belongs to Janine Thompson.  It is thought to be a pitbull-type dog and a vet was to confirm the breed this morning. 
A man at the house where the dog lived said: 'Everyone is absolutely devastated. The girl just went to pet the dog and it exploded.' 
Sgt Hilton said: 'The family that own the dog were very shaken up and voluntarily handed it over.
'We are looking at relevant inquiries, such as what breed of dog it is. It is more than likely the dog will be destroyed.'

Update June 21, 2010 10:52pm - The following article is from Mirror News:

Girl savaged by 'pit bull'

A girl of five has been scarred for life after being brutally attacked by a dog.
The pit bull-type beast sank its teeth into little Courtney Bradshaw's face when she tried to stroke it in a friend's bedroom.
After hearing screams, the dog's owners dragged it off.
Courtney had a seven-hour operation to treat deep facial wounds but is expected to need further plastic surgery.
Her distraught mum Claire, 29, of Accrington, Lancs, said: "It's every parent's worst nightmare."
Police are carrying out tests to see if the dog is on the banned list. It is expected to be destroyed.

Update June 22, 2010 9:03am - The following article is by Sam Chadderton, This Is Lancashire:

Accrington girl mauled by dog 'feeling brighter'

THE dog which savaged a five-year-old Accrington girl will be put down, police have said.
Inquiries were still being made late last night to identify the breed, but officers dealing with the case are confident it is not on the ‘banned list’ of dangerous dogs.
Courtney Bradshaw was playing in the bedroom of a house in Charter Street, Accrington, on Saturday when the ‘pitbull-type’ dog bit her face and head.
She had walked just yards from her home to a family friend’s house with her two-year-old sister Mia at 11.30am.
But she was mauled by the dog and needed seven hours of surgery to deep lacerations close to her right eye and ear.
Accrington Sergeant Steve Hilton said Courtney would remain in Royal Blackburn Hospital for the next few days, but has been ‘awake and playing’ and was ‘better today than the day before’.
He said she was still sore and would have to be sedated again when the stitches come out next week.
Sgt Hilton said: “We are still in the process of identifying the dog’s breed. It will definitely be put down.”
Sgt Hilton and his team have started a collection to send Courtney on a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach when she leaves hospital.
Mum Claire Bradshaw, 29, has been at her daughter’s bedside since Saturday morning.
Speaking from the hospital yesterday, she said: “Courtney is a lot brighter today.
“She’s sat up in bed and looking a lot brighter, playing with a jigsaw.
“I’m staying with her until she can come home, but we’re not sure when that might be.
“We’re taking each day as it comes.”

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