Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Memphis Man Facing Felony Charges of Animal Abuse

By Candace McCowan, WREG

  • Fast Facts:
  • The heat might have become too much for some Memphis dogs.
  • One Memphis man is facing serious charges after police find several dogs out in the heat with no water and food.
  • It happened in the 2300 block of Arlington in the Orange Mound area.
  • (Memphis TN) Cedric McKenzie says it was obvious that his neighbor's dogs weren't being taken care of. "They were kind of sick, they weren't looking too good. I don't know if they were taking care of them or not," said Mckenzie. He says he is surprised to learn his neighbor, 24 year old Joseph Dewayne Trotter, is facing felony charges. Trotter was picked up and charged with six counts of aggravated animal cruelty yesterday after officers saw the condition of several pit bulls he owned. According to the affidavit a neighbor called police about the dogs being loose. When officers got to the house and talked to Trotter, they noticed three pit bulls outside in 103 degree heat, with no food, no water and the dogs appeared to be malnourished. Inside the house, officers found 3 more pit bulls without food and water. And they say the temperature in the house was hot with only a small fan blowing. Animal Control took the dogs. An animal service veterinarian said that the mother of the puppies was in such poor health that she would have to be euthanized. Sallie Hughes at Dogs Rule Doggy Day Care says that people often think dogs can handle the heat more than humans. But that's not true. "Think about it all of them have on fur coats. If you're hot outside, your dog is hot outside," added Hughes. Trotter has until Thursday to retrieve the dogs from the Memphis animal shelter. Pit bulls cannot be adopted from the shelter, so all the dogs could possibly be euthanized. He is expected in court tomorrow morning.

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