Monday, June 28, 2010

Men Guilty Of Dogfighting Must Pay For Dog Care

From CBS 2 Chicago

Three suburban men have been sentenced to probation, anger management and ordered to pay for lifetime care for their two dogs after being found guilty of dogfighting charges.

Donaver Jones, 39, of Riverdale was found guilty of providing a site for dogfight in the basement of a house at 526 W. 66th St. in Chicago, according to a release from the Cook County Sheriff's office. Melvin Trent, 38, and Timothy Norris, 36, both of Joliet, were found guilty of promoting a dogfight.

The three men were arrested on Nov. 16, 2008 when police broke up a dogfight in progress. Officers found dozens of people betting on a fight involving two pit bulls. Fifty people present at the home now face misdemeanor charges of attending a dogfight, according to the release.

Steroids, amphetamines, syringes, and an IV drip were found at the home, along with a staple gun used to close dogs' wounds and thick wooden stakes to drive apart dogs' jaws after they locked down on another dog.

One of two dogs found at the scene was so badly mauled, it could barely stand, according to the release. The dog is now back to a healthy condition.

Jones, Trent and Norris were each sentenced to 24 months probation, anger management classes, and ordered to have no contact with companion animals, the release said.

They must also pay restitution of $3,612 each to reimburse the cost of a sanctuary home for their dogs, Brutus and Rebus. And each must pay $3,000 to cover fees incurred by Chicago Animal Care and Control to house the dogs, the release said.

The dogs will live out their lives in a safe haven arranged by Best Friends Animal Society.

This case is one of only a few in which dogfighting defendants have been court ordered to pay for the lifetime care of their canine victims, according to the sheriff's office.

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