Friday, June 25, 2010

Pit Bull Puppy Abandoned in Pawtucket

By Kathryn Sotnik, WPRI

Pawtucket's Animal Control officer is asking for the public's help after a pit bull puppy was found injured and abandoned in Slater Park Wednesday night.
The dog, estimated to be about five or six months old has a severely injured leg, and needs to have it amputated.
If he doesn't, officials say the pit bull would be put to sleep.   Animal Control Officer John Holmes is uncertain how the animal became injured.
Officials do not know where the pit bull came from, as it is illegal to own pit bulls in Pawtucket.
Holmes says the dog is an "extremely friendly pit bull."
It will cost an estimated $2,000 for the amputation procedure.
The animal shelter is publicly funded, and hopes a vet will work with them on the price.
In the meantime, the shelter is asking for donations and for a loving home.
If you'd like to donate, or to adopt the unnamed puppy, call the Pawtucket Animal Shelter at (401) 722-4243.

Update June 28, 2010 7:20pm - The following article is by Bill Tomison, WPRI:

Pit bull doing well after surgery

An abandoned pit bull puppy, found dumped at Slater Park in Pawtucket, is now happily recovering from surgery.
After seeing the dog on Eyewitness News, city residents and others put up the $2,000 necessary to get the puppy's right hind leg amputated by a vet in Warwick. It saved the dog from being put down.
Monday, the dog was getting used to doing without his appendage, hopping but seeming cheerful.
Pawtucket Animal Control employees found the dog last week. The pit bull, believed to be just a couple months old, was "extremely friendly," according to the city's animal control officer, John Holmes.
Still, the puppy isn't being put up for adoption just yet. He's set to go back to the vet for a check-up in a few weeks. If you'd interested in adopting him, call the Pawtucket Animal Shelter at (401) 722-4243 -- and even if someone else claims him, there are still other animals who'd like to go to good homes.
It's illegal to keep pit bulls in the city of Pawtucket, so Holmes said it was a puzzle where he came from.

Update August 25, 2010 6:33pm - The following article is from WPRI:

Abandoned pit bull puppy adopted

Puppy had serious injury, leg amputated

An abandoned puppy with a serious injury that Eyewitness News first told about back in June, has found a new home.
The six month old pit bull was found on June 23rd, at the edge of Slater Park in Pawtucket, outside of the animal shelter.
Veterinarians had to perform life saving surgery and remove his back left leg.
Now, Pawtucket Animal Control Officer John Holmes says the puppy was adopted three weeks after he was found.
Investigators never found who abandoned the pit bull.

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