Monday, June 21, 2010

Pitbull Owner Fined $1000 Over Attack

From Voxy

A $1000 fine was handed down today to the owner of a pitbull terrier named Black Arse who attacked a passer-by on a Hastings street. In Hastings District Court, James Fraser Honotapu, 29, admitted owning the unregistered pitbull, which was sitting on the footpath outside his suburban Flaxmere home in the early evening of March 22 when it launched the attack.
The victim suffered bites to his armpit and top lip before managing to escape and take refuge at another house.
Honotapu's lawyer told the court that Honotapu had been training the pitbull "to show off to friends", and it must have leapt over his front fence.
Another unregistered pitbull was also found at the property.
Black Arse was destroyed. The other dog was impounded but has since been returned to Honotapu, who has registered it.
The attack was just one in a spate around Hastings this year, prompting Mayor Lawrence Yule to seek a law change requiring all pitbulls to be neutered, muzzled and kept in secure cages.

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