Monday, June 21, 2010

Pitbulls Attack Animal Control Officer in Greenwood

By Kate Luck, KFSM

Police are searching for two pitbulls in Greenwood after they cornered a woman in her house and attacked an animal control officer. Police shot both dogs before they ran into the woods.

Early this morning Greenwood resident Lauri Myers heard barking in the neighborhood as she got ready to take her Chihuahua mix out for a walk. She looked out the window and saw two pitbulls at her front door, trapping her in her house.

"These two were very aggressive and very ferocious. All the stories that I've heard, these two were very about it," said Myers.

Myers called the police department, who sent animal control. But the two dogs were too much even for him.

"When he got out of this truck the dogs circled behind his truck and pinned him against my vehicle. The little brown one, I shouldn't say little because it was big, charged him and to defend himself he hit that dog with his baton stick and bent it," said Myers.

Back up was called and as the officer approached, one of the pitbulls lunged at him, so he fired his gun, hitting him in a leg. Then the other pitbull charged the officer, and he fired at that one. Both animals ran into a wooded area.

Police had several reported sightings of the dogs in neighborhoods and fields so they created a perimeter around the area and waited to catch them.

By the end of the day, police still had not captured the animals. Myers had no prior experience with pitbulls, and she says she won't rest easy until they are caught.

"This was my first close up and I don't want to repeat it again. No way," she said.

Police say shooting the dogs was the right decision.

"Part of the job is safety of each individual officer. We have to protect the officer. When the first responding officer got there and deemed the animal control officer was in a very dangerous situation and the animals were lunging at him," said Lt. Nicholas Driscoll with the Fort Smith Police.

Greenwood has a law that says all animals must be on a leash. If police can track down the owners, they may be facing charges for violating a city ordinance.

Update June 22, 2010 2:09pm - The following article is from 40/29 TV:

Pit Bulls Menace Animal Control Officer, Run Loose

A pair of pit bulls were found running loose in a Greenwood neighborhood, trapped a woman inside her house and attacked an animal control officer sent to investigate.
Monday, a woman at 32 S. Gunther called Greenwood police saying that she couldn't get out of her house because two pit bulls were standing at her door.
When the animal control officer arrived, the dogs circled his car. He wound up having to use his baton to defend himself until another officer arrived and fired a shot at the dogs, scaring them and causing them to run away, officials said.
Tuesday, the same woman called and said that the dogs were back. Greenwood police arrived and were able to catch one of the dogs. The dog was being held as a vicious animal and will be euthanized, police said. The dogs' owners were located, and police said they would be cited for "allowing dogs to run at large."
Police are still looking for the other pit bull. Police said it's a black and white male. Police said anyone who sees the dog should not approach, but just call police.

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