Monday, June 28, 2010

Poodle attacked by two pit bulls in Irondequoit

By Christine Van Timmeren, WHEC

An Irondequoit man had to fight to save his dog's life this morning after two pit bulls attacked it while he was on a walk. Animal control and an ambulance were on the scene when our cameras got there. David Anderson, 50, was being treated for scratches on his knees while trying to break up the dog fight.
A neighbor who came over to help said he thinks the pit bulls accidently got outside and went after Anderson’s poodle. Anderson, with the help of his neighbors, was able to separate the dogs and get the pit bulls under control until the owners arrived.
Neighbor Nelson Huertas said, “She came out, she was frantic. She didn't know where her dogs were. We were holding onto them. She was like ‘Oh my god, I’m so sorry.’ She said her father just left the door open.”
Anderson said, “They just got loose. It was a freak accident, unfortunately I was involved with it.” He said his dog had to be taken to the vet with non-life threatening injuries.
At this time, we are unsure whether the dogs were taken away or if their owners received a ticket.

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