Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Properly trained pit bulls make great pets

By Diana Stark, from Napa Valley Register

I just would love to let Napa residents know if they are looking for a pet, the Napa County Animal Shelter is the first place you should consider.
We recently adopted a pit bull terrier there. She was approximately a year old. She was found roaming the streets of Napa, was underweight and had been up for adoption for about four months.
The staff at the shelter is so wonderful. They would see me and my husband every day and let us spend time with the dog, just to be sure she was right for us. We walked her along the riverbanks daily and played in a pinned area behind the shelter. Also, my neighbor met us there with her 7-year-old son and their dog. Staff let us spend time all together. It was great. I wanted to be sure my neighbor and son could be around this dog.
I am telling you, they put the dogs through many of tests and really are great about which dogs can be adoptable. The cost to adopt a dog is so reasonable. They get a free checkup, are neutered or spayed, have their shots and an ID chip if they were to get lost.
Unfortunately, the shelter has a lot of the pit bull breeds. Don’t be afraid of them; they are excellent dogs! Believe me, it is the owner and how you handle the dog, as they feel you. I had to put my pit down after 13 years. I rescued her when she was a year old. It was the first time I had this breed. I did everything wrong and was kind of held hostage by her, because I didn’t socialize her and was scared of her for a long time. The dog I just adopted from the shelter is the sweetest, smartest dog. Growing up, I always had Labradors (love that breed, too). Our adopted dog, Jorjha, I call my “Pittador.”
She is just like a Lab, loves the water, acts like a hunter and is as sweet as can be. She was housebroken when we got her, I guess, as she hasn’t had any accidents in the house.
She had been trained to stay out of the kitchen (not by us). I just can’t believe someone let this dog out of their family.
She has not shown any signs of aggression and we have put her through the tests ourselves. We love her so much, I really didn’t think I would get a pit again. I am so glad I did.
Thanks to all the ladies at the Napa shelter. You all are wonderful. And thanks to all the walkers who volunteer their time to walk these dogs.

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