Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slayton man charged in marijuana grow

By Justine Wettschreck, Washington Daily Globe

A Slayton man currently on probation for controlled substance possession is now facing charges regarding a marijuana grow operation allegedly discovered by his landlord.
Nathan Patrick Janssen, 27, has been on probation on and off since his 2001 conviction of third-degree driving while impaired when he was still a minor. Since then, Janssen has been charged with several crimes including leaving the scene of an accident, receiving stolen property, theft, drug possession and assault. The latest charges, filed Monday in Murray County District Court, include the possession of fifth-degree controlled substances, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.
The complaint states a search warrant was executed by the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force June 14 after the man who owned Janssen’s rental property stopped to look for him. The man later told authorities Janssen had not been paying his rent, and when the landlord went inside to look for him, marijuana was discovered growing in a fish aquarium.
Before entering the residence, the agent in charge contacted Janssen’s mother to have a pit bull secured. They then entered and executed the search, finding items associated with the manufacture of marijuana.
In one bedroom, agents allegedly found a wooden grow cabinet with five lights and numerous cups and pots, which contained green stems. In another bedroom, 10 plants with the plants cut off were found, along with other manufacture items.
During the course of the search, authorities allegedly located 80 to 90 root balls with freshly cut green stems. One room contained a sock, which allegedly held two straws, a light bulb and a zip bag, all of which tested positive for methamphetamine. In the living room, agents allegedly found green plant material and magazines and paperwork on growing marijuana.
The complaint and a warrant were issued Monday — the same day Janssen was arrested.
His 2007 marijuana possession conviction resulted in a 90 day sentence and five years of probation, which violated in 2009 according to court documents.

* This story illustrates that police do NOT need to invade a home in the middle of the night, shooting a family's dog in the process, to rid their town, or city, of an ounce of marijuana.
Are you paying attention Columbia, Missouri?
Kudos to the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force, which accomplished their objective without unnecessary actions.

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