Monday, June 28, 2010

Two DeLand women attacked by pit bulls

By Kelly Joyce, WOFL

Two young women were mauled by pit bulls after a day of moving into a new home in DeLand. Britanee Crabtree and Jade Dupler had more than one hundred stitches each to their faces, necks, arms, hands and legs after two pit bulls attacked them by their own front door.
Crabtree tells FOX 35 News reporter Kelly Joyce they were dropping off some of their stuff to their new home on 3rd Avenue in DeLand when two pitbulls pinned them in the corner and started bitting. The women screamed, and neighbors came running out. The dogs eventually backed away.
Crabtree is convinced these have done this before.
"I do think they were trained to do this," she says. "If they catch the pit bulls, I'll feel more comfortable, but they're still running around there. I don't feel comfortable walking to the door."
As of Monday afternoon Animal Control was still looking for the dogs and their owners.  They say they have some leads.

Update June 28, 2010 11:18pm - The following article is by Patricio G. Balona, The Daytona Beach News-Journal:

Pit bulls attack women near DeLand

Two women suffered bites when two pit bulls attacked them at the entrance of their home near DeLand on Monday morning, authorities said.
Jade Dupler, 20, suffered bites to both arms, legs and her chin. Britnee Crabtree, 20, was bitten on her left arm, right hand, abdomen and chin, deputies said.
According a Volusia County sheriff's report, the women stepped out of their Third Avenue home at 12:36 a.m. and locked the door behind them. That's when two pit bulls -- one tan and one white -- appeared from around the side of the house and attacked them.
As the women struggled with the dogs, they dropped the house keys. When they went to pick up the keys, they were bitten in the chin, deputies said.
The women were able to enter their house through a back door and escaped the attacking dogs, the report said.
Both women were treated at the scene of the attack by EVAC Ambulanceand fire paramedics and taken to Florida Hospital DeLand for further treatment.
Although the injuries were not life-threatening, they required treatment, the report states.
The dogs and the owner had not been located late Monday afternoon, said sheriff's spokesman Brandon Haught.

Update June 29, 2010 10:57am - The following article is by Anika Myers Palm, Orlando Sentinel:

Search continues for dogs that attacked women in DeLand

Volusia animal-control officers continue to search for the dogs that attacked two women Monday.
Animal control personnel say they have received several tips about the two dogs that backed the women against the exterior walls of the DeLand home, but have not found the dogs yet. The dogs are thought to be pit bulls.
"Some of the things we thought might be possibilities did not pan out," said Becky Wilson, director of the county's animal services division. The Volusia County Sheriff's Office, which originally responded to the scene of the attack, has handed the investigation to animal control, said sheriff's office spokesman Brandon Haught.
The incident happened about 12:36 a.m. Monday, when Jade Dupler and Britanee Crabtree, both 20, were leaving their home in the 1900 block of Third Avenue.
Dupler and Crabtree described one dog to deputies as white with tan spots and the other as a solid tan color, according to the sheriff's office report. They are unlikely to be strays, Wilson said.
"According to the victims, they felt like the dogs were owned," said Wilson. "From the description, the dogs looked very healthy."
Dupler had been bitten on her arms, legs and chin. Crabtree was bitten on her left arm, right hand, chin and abdomen, according to the sheriff's office report.
The dogs were not at the scene by the time emergency personnel arrived. The women could not be reached Tuesday.
Wilson's office has several tips for people who encounter aggressive dogs:
Do not run.
Remain calm.
Stay on your feet; spread your feet to keep your balance as necessary. You're far more vulnerable to serious injury or death during a dog attack if you are on the ground.
If you do fall to the ground, protect your head and neck to the best of your abilities
Avoid looking the dog in the eyes

Update June 29, 2010 6:08pm - The following article is from WESH:

Pit Bulls Blamed In Attack Surrendered

The owner of two pit bulls that attacked two women in Volusia County surrendered the dogs on Tuesday.
Jade Dupler and Britanee Crabtree received several hundred stitches between them after the dogs came out of bushes and cornered them at their front door in Daytona Park Estates.
The dogs mauled their faces, neck, arms and legs.
The owner of the two dogs lived just about one block away and works nights. She said she diden't know the dogs had attacked the women until her mother called her after seeing news reports of the incident.
The dogs were quarantined and are slated to be euthanized in about 10 days.


  1. Over 2 hours ago my brother killed a pit bull and
    probably wounded another(who ran off)and a third
    one got away. He witnessed them tearing apart another stray dog. Pitt Bulls are dangerous and
    I feel it is a very responsible response to have
    such dangerous dogs be euthanized.July 1, 2010.

  2. That the owner of the dogs turned them over to animal control after the attack was most definitely a responsible and proper action in this case.
    However, had she been responsible overall, the incident would not have happened to begin with.

  3. That the owner of the dogs turned them over to animal control after the attack was most definitely a responsible and proper action in this case.
    However, had she been responsible overall, the incident would not have happened to begin with.


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