Monday, June 21, 2010

Woman Hurt In Pit Bull Attack, Dog Remains On Loose

From 10 News

A pit bull attack left a Talmadge woman brutally scarred and scared for her safety.
Tina Souza used to walk down a street in her neighborhood every evening, turning a corner and walking down an alleyway. But what happened inside the alleyway has her terrified.Two weeks after she was attacked by a pit bull, Tina Souza's arm has not healed and neither has her spirit.
"I have raised pit bulls and I am an animal lover," said Souza. "It's not the dog's fault, it's the owner."
Souza said the white pit bull with brown spots ran through some gates and lunged straight for her throat.
"It was going for my face so I put my arm up," said Souza.
The pit bull ripped a large chunk of skin about the size of half an orange from her arm.
Neighbor Zaida Martin said she no longer lets her children play outside because she's afraid the pit bull may reappear.
"The lady was hysterical," said Martin. "The flesh was hanging."
Souza's partner, Edward Kanig is furious at what happened.
"Having been a Marine, I can't believe that any male that would call himself a man would leave a woman in the alley to bleed," he said.
Animal control services said after an attack, state law requires the dog to be quarantined for ten days to check for rabies. In this case, since the ten days has passed, they said they are no longer looking for the animal.
Souza said it is imperative the dog is found.
"I think it's very important that the dog be dealt with because this will happen again," she said. "This will happen again."
Souza and Kanig are offering a $500 reward for anyone who has information about the pit bull or its owner.

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