Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are Pit Bulls Especially Violent?

From My FOX Twin Cities

Nearly 3,000 letter carriers are bitten every year in this country, but they're hardly alone. The city has declared 105 dogs as dangerous or potentially dangerous this year alone. There have been 741 dogs since 2007. That's the year a pit bull attacked and killed 7-year-old Zachary King in the family basement. Dan Nizolek is with the Minneapolis Animal Control.
“All dogs bite,” said Nizolek. “Unfortunately, when a pit bull bites, the consequences are so much greater."
A 25-year study of dog attacks showed pit bulls lead the pack, along with rotweillers and presa canaries. Together, they are responsible for 74 percent of all dog attacks. Of 88 fatal dog attacks in the U.S., pit bulls were the culprits nearly 59 percent of the time.
Part of the pit bull problem is their connection to crime. Investigators say it’s not uncommon for pit bulls to be used to guard drug houses or to be used in dog fighting.
But pit bull converts, like Melissa Smith, say it's not the breed, it's the owners, who use them for some kind of masculine validation.
“They don't understand what wonderful animals they are, they want them to look mean, and to crop their own ears," said Smith.
The dangerous dogs in Minneapolis include pit bulls, but several other breeds as well.


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