Friday, July 30, 2010

Authorities Believe Three Dead Dogs Died From Neglect

By Manuel De La Rosa, KIII

A bad smell from a home prompted a neighbor to call animal control this morning near Morgan Street. When officers arrived, they found three dead dogs, believed to be victims of neglect.
Neighbors said the dogs looked bad and hadn't been fed for awhile. They said the owner hadn't been seen for a week and the dogs perished from that care.
"This is devastating (and) this is just uncalled for," said Matt Ray, a Corpus Christi Animal Control Officer.
Animal control officers said the three pit bulls suffered before dying. One was still on the chain, while two others laid in their bedding area.
Residents said they would cry at night for food and water. One neighbor fed them when she could, but it wasn't enough as these dogs finally died from the hot weather and lack of food and water.
"You could tell they were very malnourished," said a resident who wanted to remain anonymous. "You could tell nobody was feeding them. One dog in particular couldn't bark anymore. His voicebox was gone. He was moaning. That's all he could do."
"They were hungry," said Lorenzo Garza, a neighbor living two doors down. "They were thirsty. It looked like the skin was coming off. The one dog he tried to give me you could tell he was so neglected. You could see scrapes on his arm where with just patches of hair."
Animal control officers got a warrant to go on the property to remove the animals this afternoon. A veternarian will determine their cause of death. Police have identified the dog owner, who they will interview about how these animals died.
Neighbors said they should have called earlier to save these pit bulls, but nobody wanted to trespass onto the property. Many said they're sad these dogs died and they feel a little guilty about what happened.


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