Monday, July 19, 2010

Ban to stop sheep killers

From Shepparton News

Legislation to ban dangerous dogs that is due to pass through the Victorian upper house later this month has been described as another step in responsible dog ownership. But the legislation, the Domestic Animals Amendment (Dangerous Dogs) Bill, has drawn fire from American Pit Bull Terrier Club of Australia, which objected to not being included in the consultation process.
During debate at the second reading of the Bill in the lower house, State Member for Benalla Bill Sykes said the breed-specific component of the legislation was fundamentally flawed.
``The focus should be on deed, not breed,'' Dr Sykes, a veterinarian, said.
``I know that from my experience with sheep killers. It is not necessarily pit bull terriers; it can be Jack Russells, German shorthaired pointers, kelpies or collies.
``It will be an absolute minefield to come up with any form of guidelines that will accurately help determine what are restricted breeds.''
Dr Sykes described himself as a dog lover and dog owner, but said he had ``zero tolerance for dangerous dogs, especially sheep killers, of which I have dispatched many''.
In the same debate, State Member for Swan Hill Peter Walsh said responsible dog owners would not be affected by the legislation.
``Those dog owners who do the right thing and have the dog registered, identifiable and restrained in public, will probably never have anything to do with this particular piece of legislation,'' Mr Walsh said.

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