Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cowboy hero, 6, saves puppies

By Oliver Sheehan, Corsicana Daily Sun

A budding young cowboy saved two puppies from starvation Tuesday when he used his rope skills to lasso them to safety from under his house.

When Kyler Mckeen, 6, heard the pit bull terrier puppies crying from below his bedroom, the police and animal control were called, but due to health and safety reasons, were unable to help.

Mckeen saw no option but to crawl under the house with a rope to get them out, as he was the only one small enough to fit through the hole.

With the help of friends Teresa Alvarado, 12, and Eduardo Alvarado, 9, Mckeen crawled into the one foot by one foot gap at the side of his home in Corsicana.

While lying among insects and broken glass bottles he created a lasso and cast it down into the 12 foot by 10 foot deep hole for five hours until he had retrieved both the puppies.

“I think he is a total hero,” said his mother Caleigh Mckeen. “I am so proud of him. He was very brave.

“For a 6 year old kid to do what he did and lasso them even though he couldn’t even see them was great.”

McKeen presently hones his lassoing skills on sheep at the Cowboy Church on Highway 22 in Corsicana, and has been learning his trade for two years.

“There was a 10 foot hole under the house, I got my rope and I put it down there and got the puppies out,” said Kyler.

“I want to get one little puppy,” he added.

Kyler McKeen said he was not scared of falling into the hole and just wanted to help the puppies. He also added that he wants to be a real cowboy when he grows up.

Both puppies are now back home safely with their owners, and Kyler was not injured during the rescue.

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