Saturday, July 17, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: ABC 26 Investigating A Pit Bull Puppy Suffering 2nd and 3rd Degree Burns

From WGNO ABC 26

He is a pit bull with a huge personality despite being the victim of horrific alleged animal cruelty. The puppy pit bull, just under a year old, has been re-named "Phoenix." He is recovering from 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

Jefferson Parish Dog Rescuer Alissa Johnson tells ABC 26 in an Exclusive interview she was "horrified" when she first saw the dog monday, when his owner dropped him off at a shelter. Johnson says the owner told a suspicious story claiming the dog was burned in Kenner while at a neighbors house. Johnson says as far as the burns go "it could be boiling water, it could be hot grease, we're unsure, but the burn patterns indicate it was definitely a liquid of some sort."

Johnson believes the burns could be a few weeks old. "So the dog definitely suffered for three weeks before he got medical care with us," Johnson says. Phoenix is being treated for his burns, and although on medication, including pain killers he still loves to play ! Johnson says "he's a big baby full of energy."

Instead of putting this puppy to sleep the shelter is looking to place him in a new home. Johnson adds "he's very happy, very personable, full of energy and wants to be a lap dog, give lots of kisses, so he'll make someone a wonderful animal." If interested in adopting "Phoenix" send an email to Donations for "Phoenix's" Vet care being accepted @ Lakeview Veterinary Hospital 504.482.2173.

Update July 21, 2010 3:21pm - The following article is from WGNO ABC 26:

EXCLUSIVE: Justice For Phoenix ? Person who Burned Puppy Pitbull May Face Animal Cruelty

Justice for "Phoenix" the burned puppy pitbull may be coming.

ABC26 news has learned, the owner, or persons who poured hot liquid on the dog's back and head could be charged with animal cruelty by the end of this week.

Keith Chiro, the Director of Kenner Inspection & Code Enforcement tells me the owner of the dog, a woman in her twenties has been questioned, "we have been to her house, she actually lives with her grandmother here in Kenner so we've made several visits to her house spoken to the grandmother and her and the investigation is currently underway."

Alissa Johnson, the first to see the dog's horrific 2nd and 3rd degree burns when he was dropped off at the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter last Monday is thrilled authorities in Kenner are looking into the case. She says "in animal investigations normally they throw us to the side, so at least they are taking us seriously and actually investigating it." >

In my interview with Keith Chiro, I shared with him that I have seen the dog "and it is horrific, so the the vet believes it was either hot water or hot oil."

Chiro says, "that's very possible, again I have not seen the animal."

And neither apparently have the two Kenner Animal Control officers, Chiro identifies as Darren Mack and Terrell Gransberry, who according to Chiro, "investigated and wrote the report" which will determine if there will ultimately be justice for Phoenix.

In my interview with Chiro I questioned "is it relevant that they should have seen the dog before they filed the report ?" Chiro says "i'm a little surprised they haven't seen the dog maybe Darren has, I've not spoke to Darren, but Terrell told me he hadn't seen the animal."

The report is being turned over to the Kenner City Attorney for review.

If the court summons is issued, and those involved are found guilty Chiro says the penalty carries a maximum $500 dollar fine and or sixty days in jail.

Alissa Johnson, who is caring for Phoenix until he is adopted says "there should be stiffer penalties, I mean because what is $500 dollars for harming an animal?"

The Lakeview Veterinary Hospital is still looking for a good home for Phoenix, if you are interested in adopting the 1 year old pitbull, you can send a confidential email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (504) 482-2173 to donate money for Phoenix's medical care.

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