Monday, July 26, 2010

Firefighters Rescue Puppy From Burning Home


Grady, a Pit Bull puppy, was rescued by Rocky Mount firefighters after they learned the dog was still inside the burning mobile home.

Firefighters managed to save a puppy from a burning home early Sunday.
Grady, a Pit Bull puppy, was rescued by Rocky Mount firefighters after they learned the dog was still inside the mobile home on Biltmore Place. The two people inside the home had already safely made it outside.

Grady and her hero
Firefighters say due to the heavy smoke, they had trouble finding the puppy. During a secondary search they discovered Grady in a back bedroom. She had climbed into a large pocketbook.
The puppy was lethargic, but still breathing. Firefighters took Grady outside where she was given oxygen and some water to drink. The fire department says the puppy made a quick recovery and quickly began running around in the yard.
The fire department says it believes unattended cooking started the fire which caused heavy fire damage to the kitchen as well as smoke damage throughout the home.

Update August 6, 2010 10:13pm - The following article is by Brie Handgraaf, The Rocky Mount Telegram:

Residents reassemble life after fire

Sarah Johnson moved to Rocky Mount in December for a fresh start. She worked two jobs and saved enough to rent a mobile home. It wasn’t near her jobs or the bus line, but she made do. She was getting by and helping her brother, Sedric Vines, at the same time. The pair got a pit bull puppy named Grady and settled into a routine.
All of her progress was undone on July 25 when a grease fire spread as quickly as it had started. Johnson and Vines were able to get out, but firefighters had to rescue the 2-month-old puppy, who had crawled into Johnson’s pocketbook for sanctuary.
The puppy made a full recovery, but nearly everything they owned was destroyed.
“We were not really able to salvage anything,” Johnson said. “What the fire didn’t get, the smoke got.”
The Frederick E. Turnage Chapter of the American Red Cross helped by putting up the trio at a local hotel and directing them to agencies who could offer more long-term help.
“The Salvation Army added her to a waiting list because they are overloaded,” said Connie Lilley. “I got her in touch with my church, the Church of the Good Shepherd, and they helped her file for food stamps.”
Lilley and Katy Cohen with Animal Crackers, a Rocky Mount-based nonprofit advocacy group, stepped up to help when they heard about the fire. They contacted Shelly Midrowsky, the operations manager at the Rocky Mount PetSmart, who was able to get Grady a bath, food, toys and services at the Banfield veterinarian.
“(Cohen) called me with the details of what happened, and we rallied our resources to try to give this pup a fresh start even though she had somewhat of a bad beginning,” Midrowsky said.
Johnson said she really appreciated all the help offered to Grady, but she said they still are struggling. Lilley and others have come together to pay for a hotel room every night, but Johnson said she really wants to be self-sufficient again.
“I want to get back into a place of my own and back on my own two feet,” she said.
Johnson said she is looking for a place to rent but is struggling to come up with the necessary money while paying for daily living.
“If I don’t get help soon, I’m going to end up on the street and lose my dog,” she said.
Lilley said her resources are reaching an end and hopes others will step up to help.
“The community needs to kick in and help her,” Lilley said. “She is trying to make do with what she has, but they need more. They need clothing and food. They need someone to step up and cut them a break.”
Johnson said she really appreciates the support she has received, especially from Lilley.
“(Lilley) has been outstandingly wonderful,” Johnson said. “I really feel like God sent her to help me through this.”
For more information on Animal Crackers, go to To help Johnson, Vines or Grady, call Johnson at 406-4809.

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