Friday, July 16, 2010

Greenwood Girl Attacked, Bitten by Dog

By Russell Jones, KFSM

Greenwood police say a young girl was serious injured by a dog when it viciously attacked her, pulling her from her bicycle.

Authorities say the 6-year-old girl was riding her bike on Whippoorwill Drive when police say a mixed breed pit bull-boxer came at her, biting her and knocking her off her bike. A neighbor heard the attack and came outside with a gun; police say when the dog came at him the neighbor shot at it, which caused it to run off.

Police say the girl received two lacerations to her head from the attack, and that the dog was later picked up by police and euthanized. The dog was then sent to Little Rock for a necropsy.

Update July 16, 2010 8:52pm - The following article is from 40 29 TV:

Girl Attacked By Dog; Man Fires Weapon

A dog attack sends a 6-year-old to the hospital with serious head injuries. Lt. Will Dawson, with the Greenwood Police Department, said it was the quick action of a resident with a gun and an 11-year-old boy that helped stop the attack.
"I ran down there, kicked the dog, separated them and he went to attack me and that's when I shot him," said Albert Albay, who lives next door to the home where police say the dog escaped.
Albay said Christian Mora alerted him about the attack.
"It (dog) was kind of big. It was jumping on her and sticking its teeth on her and biting her and stuff," Mora said.
Dawson said the girl suffered wounds to the back and front of her head. An ambulance took the girl to St. Edwards Hospital in Fort Smith. The dog was captured and taken to a local animal hospital where Dawson said it was put down.
"We've had him for a year and a half now," said Hannah Franklin, the dog's owner. She said the dog was a pit bull and boxer mix. "This is just not something he's ever done. He's a big playful dog."
Franklin said her thoughts were with the young victim.
Dawson said the dog's owners will likely be cited on a charge of allowing the dog to roam free and not having it registered with the city.
Albay said even though he's the one who shot the dog, the real hero is Mora for his quick action in getting help.
Dawson said the dog's owners said it was up to date on its vaccinations. Dawson said the dog would be sent for testing.

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