Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Man, dog taken to hospital after Pit Bull attacks


A Woodcliff Lake resident and one of his dogs were taken to area hospitals July 23 after being attacked by a Woodcliff Avenue resident’s pit bull. Officers responded to Arcadia Road on a report of a person being attacked by a dog Friday, July 23 at 8:56 a.m. On arrival, officers observed two German Shepherds and numerous people standing in the roadway. After interviewing the parties involved, police determined what had happened.
A Rose Avenue resident was walking his two dogs west on Woodcliff Avenue and turned north on Arcadia Road. As he proceeded down Arcadia Road, he and his dogs approached a house on the corner of the two streets. At the same time, the owner of the pit bull at that residence exited the home to put items into her vehicle, which was in the driveway. When she left, the door closest to the driveway was apparently left ajar and a 2-year-old pit bull was able to exit the home.
The pit bull ran toward the German Shepherds at the base of the driveway, ran into the roadway and began attacking the smaller of the two dogs, according to the police report.
When both owners ran to separate the dog fight, the pit bull latched onto the Rose Avenue resident’s right hand, knocking him to the ground. Contractors from a nearby property ran across the street to assist.
One of the contractors ran to help the man and began to strike the pit bull in the head with a hammer he was holding. According to police, he struck the dog numerous times in hopes of freeing the man and after several strikes with the hammer and kneeling on the dog’s head, the pit bull released the victim’s hand.
The pit bull’s owner was able to get the dog into her vehicle and lock the doors.
The man’s right hand was severely wounded in the attack. The tip of his right middle finger was severed from his hand. Tri-Boro Ambulance responded to render first aid and transport the victim to Valley Hospital for treatment. The severed portion of the finger, with the nail intact, was found in the lawn and placed in a bag of ice for transport.
The injured dog was transported by a friend to Park Ridge Animal Hospital and the preliminary examination revealed two deep lacerations to the neck area requiring sutures, one laceration to the leg area requiring sutures, a laceration to the head/ear area, numerous front teeth (incisors) were broken and required removal and one canine tooth was broken and required removal.
The officer issued summonses to the owner of the pit bull for not having her dog on a leash and for having a dog running at large. A date at the Woodcliff Lake Municipal Court is set for Aug. 19 at 4 p.m.

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