Saturday, July 17, 2010

P.G. firefighters treat unusual dog-bite victim

By Emily Babay, Washington Examiner

After suffering an attack by a pit bull, a 3-year-old's leg was bleeding uncontrollably.
Police asked a team of Prince George's County firefighter-medics to come try to stop the bleeding.
The firefighters arrived at the scene and bandaged the wounds. The 3-year-old they treated was a cocker spaniel named Peluche.
It was an uncommon call, but treating the dog was a relatively smooth process, said Matt Yarish, a Prince George's firefighter and medic who responded to the dog bite earlier this month.
Yarish said it was the first time he had treated an animal in the 12 years he has worked or volunteered for the department.
But bandaging Peluche's wounds wasn't a problem, Yarish said.
"The dog was very easy to work on, very calm," he said.
The biggest difference in working with animals, Yarish said, is the inability to communicate. With a human patient, "you can ask so many questions," he said.
Other fire department officials who responded to care for the dog included Gerry Beardmore, Bradley Miller and Jaunice Francis, who previously worked as a veterinary technician, Yarish said.
It's unusual but not unheard of for firefighter-medics to treat animals, said Prince George's Fire/EMS spokesman Mark Brady.
He said medics don't generally receive training in animal care, but basic first aid techniques, such as dressing wounds, aren't too different between humans and animals.
The department occasionally responds to calls for injured animals, Brady said, in order to prevent owners from putting themselves in dangerous situations to rescue their pets.
"We understand the relationship pets have to their owners and families," he said.

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