Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pit bull attack prompts call for ban

By Jenna Hand, The Canberra Times

The owner of a Maltese cross that was mauled by two dogs, believed to be pit bulls, says they are as dangerous as guns in a suburban street and should be banned.
It was only last week that anaesthetist Paul Crowhurst helped treat a toddler who had been savaged by a pit bull in Queensland.
Then on Saturday, the day before he was due back in Canberra, his own son was bitten while trying to rescue the family pet.
Dr Crowhurst said two pit bulls forced their way into his Hawker backyard and set upon their three-year-old dog, Harry.
''In my view these dogs are just as lethal as a gun in a suburban area,'' he said.
''They are savage dogs and they have no place in or anywhere near a residential community.''
His 23-year-old son, James Crowhurst, said he heard Harry whimpering and went to investigate. ''There were two black American pit bulls quite literally ripping him apart,'' he said.
''I then bent down and picked up Harry to get him away from them, and when I was standing back up one of them lunged at my face and bit me under the jaw.''
He rushed the dog to his car and drove to the Animal Emergency Centre in Fyshwick before going to hospital to be treated himself.
Almost two days after Harry nearly became a dog's dinner, his assailants are still on the loose.
Rangers searched the street and nearby Pinnacle Nature Reserve at the weekend but did not find the dogs.

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