Monday, July 26, 2010

Pit Bull On The Loose Finally Caught

By Alex Coleman, WREG

Animal Had Frightened Homeowners In The Orange Mound Area


  • Animal Control Officers Track Down Elusive Pit Bull
  • The Mayor's Office Studying New Plan On Vicious Dogs
  • Some Dog Owners Say They Need To Be More Responsible
For weeks, two elusive pit bulls have kept Memphis Animal Control officers on the move and neighbors frightened along the Pendelton and Sims area of Orange Mound.

Genitra McCroy lives in the area. She says the dogs had been a concern for a lot of people.

McCroy said, "Well, we were pretty concerned over here anyway because pit bulls are vicious dogs and they've had problems before with attacking people walking back and forth."

Back in May, a white pit bull got loose and bit a man on the leg, but it was finally captured.

Marcel McCroy says he and his wife have five dogs of their own, but they were worried about the pit bulls.

Marcel McCroy said, "Oh I was pretty concerned. It's a pit bull. You know they're running loose, attack dogs."

The Wharton Administration is looking into the issue of vicious dogs.

A memo obtained by News Channel 3 shows the mayor's office is considering the following: A bounty for live, stray dogs and animals turned in by citizens, a program to promote surrendering vicious dogs, a spay and neuter initiiative for all dogs, more animal control officers and sweeps of areas, and mandatory registration of animals using micro-chips.

Genitra McCroy say dog owners have to be more responsible.

McCroy said, "I think you should be able to lock your dog down. If you don't have a gated area, you still need to keep a dog like that on a chain. I have dogs, german shepherds, and all my dogs are on chains and we have a fenced area."

For now neighbors such as Genitra McCroy say they are relieved at least one dog has been caught.

McCroy said, "I'm just glad they've taken care of that problem because we have a lot of kids that walk up and down going to school and of course you don't want anything like that to

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