Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pit Bull Shooting Caught On Camera


Firefighters Heard Laughing After Dog Shot By Police

A Fort Pierce firefighter won't be disciplined for using a personal cell phone to capture the shooting of a dog by police, West Palm Beach TV station WPBF reported.
Police on Tuesday released the video recorded by one of three firefighters stranded in their rescue truck because of the pit bull.
The video shows a pit bull running in the direction of a police officer, the officer taking a step back and then firing a round that grazes the dog's face. After the dog is hit, firefighters can be heard laughing and commenting about the dog being shot.
"It's a reaction to the situation," St. Lucie County Fire Chief Ron Parrish said of the firefighters' comments. "We don't condone the comments, but it's a reaction."
A fire rescue spokeswoman said it is against department policy for employees to use their personal cell phones or cameras while responding to a call.
Officials said they spoke with the firefighter and reminded him of the department's rules. No disciplinary action has been taken.
Meanwhile, police were commending the actions of the officer. Police said the dog could not be stopped, even after being shocked twice with a stun gun.
"We had rescue workers trapped inside their vehicle and a Comcast vehicle with a worker inside fearful to step out, " police Capt. Gregory Kirk said. "It was a menace and a threat. So the officer's actions were appropriate and actually commendable for him to react so quickly."
The dog was put down and will be tested for rabies.


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