Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pitbull attacks Montreal woman

By Andrew Cartwright, CJAD

An NDG borough councillor is calling for a city wide ban on dangerous dogs, after a woman in his area was attacked by a neighbour's pitbull on Monday.
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Amanda Gatti says something needs to be done because she's afraid to walk down her street.

Gatti says she was out for a walk with her dog, when she was attacked by her downstairs neighbours pit-bull.

She says the dog somehow got loose and ran up the stairs to her apartment.

In an attempt to save her dog from an attack, Gatti grabbed it and held it over her head.

That's when she was bit.

She suffered bite marks to her knee, chest and armpit.

There are no specific pit bull laws in her borough of N.D.G.

Update July 23, 2010 8:39am - The following article is from CBC News:

Bitten woman wants pitbull euthanized

A woman in Montreal's Notre-Dame-de-GrĂ¢ce district is calling for the city to euthanize her neighbour's dog, a pit bull and bull terrier mix, after it bit her several times.
Amanda Gatti, 24, said the incident on Monday has traumatized her and the wounds from the attack are infected.
She said the dog escaped from its yard and ran up the stairs to her apartment, chasing her Jack Russell terrier, named Puppy.
Gatti said she was holding Puppy over her head to protect him when the other dog lunged and bit her in the knees, armpit and shoulder.
"Within a few seconds, I hadn't even had time to open the door, their pitbull downstairs came running in and tried to get him from me," she said.
She said her boyfriend eventually managed to grab the pit bull around the neck to restrain the animal.
Peter McQueen, city councillor for the district where both women live, said a dog that aggressive should not be allowed in the west-end neighbourhood.
"I mean, my God, a pit bull went into her house, into her apartment, and bit her. This is ridiculous. I would like that dog out of our neighborhood, destroyed, whatever," he said.
Gatti said it's not the first time the same pit bull has attacked her dog. She said she had to fend off an attack three weeks ago.

Update August 13, 2010 11:14am - The following article is from The Gazette:
Pit bull put to death after N.D.G. attack

The pit bull that attacked a woman in Notre Dame de Grace last week was euthanized on Monday. Amanda Gatti was bitten on the knee, shoulder and armpit on July 19 when she tried to shield her Jack Russell terrier, Puppy, from the pit bull. It had escaped from its yard and ran up the stairs to Gatti's apartment, chasing her dog.

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