Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Residents Want Help With Wild Dogs In Neighborhood


They've been killing cats, and threatening walkers and joggers in their neighborhood -- wild dogs.
The streets were clear Tuesday on Brook Drive in Fondren. But for several weeks, neighbors said a pack of around seven dogs has been terrorizing the area.
The dogs wait until the sun goes down before they strike.
"They come out from the drainage ditch at night. They've killed one cat. It's not a really good situation," said Dan Autrey, who lives in neighborhood.
Autrey said the dogs meet up in his neighbor's yard. We didn't see them Tuesday, but we did see one stray dog hanging out.
Autrey believed the dogs are a mix of Labrador and pit bull. His neighbor, Marc Leffler said they're getting bold.
"These dogs have actually started to attack people," said Leffler. "There was a jogger who had his heels nipped at. The only reason they went away was someone beeped their horn and scared off the dogs."
Several neighbors have complained to the city about the dogs. We spotted police looking for them Tuesday night.
We called the city of Jackson to find out if they had any complaints about the wild dogs.
City spokesperson Chris Mims said crews with the Animal Control Division are in the area everyday, trying to catch the dogs.
Mims said they've set four traps in some yards, but they haven't worked yet.
Neighbors were worried about who would be the dogs next target.
"They're hungry, and they're packing animals. They're scavenging. So any kind of cats or small dogs are in danger. We're worried they're going to go after kids," said Leffler.


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