Sunday, July 18, 2010

Twelve year old boy attacked by pit bull

By Taylor Barnhill, WTVM

A twelve year old boy is recovering after a pit bull attacked him.
The boy's mother tells News Leader Nine an angry neighbor ordered his pit bull to attack her son Saturday afternoon. The dog left gashes and bruises on the boy's legs, before the young man was able to get away from the animal.
His mother, Valerie Brown says as she watched her son go through this terrible attack she thought the dog was going to kill him, "It was very scary and I just started praying right then. I didn't know what to do and when he grabbed his leg -- he let go of his knee then went for his leg -- I thought "oh my God, what in the world".
The twelve year old was treated at the hospital for his injuries, but the family is told he has a long road to recovery.
The family is taking the neighbor to court for the incident and the dog has been taken into custody.

Update July 19, 2010 12:28pm - The following article is by Stephanie Tiso, WLTV:

Animal Control official gives pit bull safety tips after weekend attack on 12 year old Columbus boy

A 12 year Columbus boy is recovering after being bitten by his neighbor’s pit-bull. NBC 38's Olivia LaBorde has more from an animal control official who explains that pit bull's reputation for violence is just stereotype.

"Pits bulls have got the bad reputation over the last many years mainly due to their owners,” Chris Brown.

Columbus Special Enforcement Manager, Chris Brown, says-the pit bull attack Saturday on a 12 year old in a 5th Avenue apartment complex seems to be along those lines.

Brown explains, "A 12 year old boy was bit on the leg by his neighbor’s pit bull. The neighbor was charged with not attending to that animal. “

NBC 38’s attempts to reach the pet owner were unsuccessful.

Brown says that pits bulls are not born violent. Brown adds, " Pit bulls can make wonderful pets their protective of the owners and so forth.”

So what if you find yourself corned by a pit-bull? Brown says staying calm is key.

Brown says, "If you feel like you're going to be attacked, the best thing to do is don't stare the dog in the eyes don't run from the dog. It's like an instinct kicks in like prey is running to them. The best thing to do is to avoid eye contact and leave the area don't run or make any fast moves.

The boy was treated for his injuries and is now out of the hospital.

The dog is in custody of animal control for 10 days. Charges have not been filed but the owner was cited for animal control for not attending to his animal.

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