Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Woman pleads guilty in dog attack case

By Kary Pugh, Inside Nova

The owner of two pit bulls who killed a neighbor’s dog in April pleaded guilty Wednesday to letting her dogs run at large.
Kari Baker, formerly of Woodbridge, pleaded guilty in Prince William General District Court to the two misdemeanor charges.
Judge Steven Smith sentenced her to pay a $250 fine for each charge, the maximum sentence allowed by law.
“This is a very unique dog-at-large case,” Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Sandra Sylvester said.
Several witnesses saw Baker’s two pit bulls run from her house on Arum Place in Woodbridge and attack a neighbor’s Shiba Inu on April 22, Sylvester said.
Sylvester said the pit bulls “mauled” Kody, the Shiba Inu, to death and then “dragged his body two houses down.”
Witnesses, including Kody’s owner, Broc Pulley, tried to beat the pit bulls away with hockey sticks and Pulley punched the dogs in the face, Sylvester said. But the dogs did not stop their attack, she said.
“This poor dog suffered a horrible death at the hands of these dogs,” Sylvester said.
In a previous incident, on March 9, Baker’s dogs jumped over a fence and attacked two other pit bulls while their owner, Kym Porter, was walking them.
Porter was able to fight off the dogs with a shovel that time.
Baker was convicted of one count of allowing a dog to run at large for that incident. She was sentenced to pay a $75 fine.
Sylvester asked the judge to impose a higher fine this time.
After the April 22 attack, Prince William County Animal Control officers responded and took the dogs to the animal shelter, where they were euthanized the next day.
Baker has since moved out of the area.
Baker did not comment in court on her case.

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