Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cops: Man pointed gun at a baby, father

By Blair Shiff, KRQE

Man threatened was allegedly holding his baby

A man and his father are accused of threatening a neighbor and his 3-month-old daughter with a handgun.
Police were called to a home in the South Valley of Albuquerque on the evening of Aug. 20 after receiving a call that there was an armed suspect there.
When they arrived, they interviewed the alleged victim, Edward Reyes. Reyes said that there was a fight on Aug. 19 involving the accused James Lial. Reyes admitted to laughing at Lial for "getting his butt kicked yesterday" according to police reports.
After that, Reyes said that Lial and his father Jerry Lial allegedly walked towards him in the middle of the street with their pit bull and started threatening Reyes. Reyes told police he told Lial to "put his dog away and fight like a man."
At that point, James Lial allegedly lifted up his shirt and showed a black handgun to Reyes and threatened to shoot him. Lial then took the gun out and pulled back the hammer to load the gun, according to reports. Both James and Jerry Lial were passing the gun back and forth according to Reyes.
When Reyes told James Lial to put away the gun, Reyes claims Lial pointed his handgun at Reyes and threatened to shoot him. Reyes, at the time, was holding his 3-month-old daughter. The entire time, Jerry Lial allegedly did not try to stop his son, James, from doing this.
Reyes admitted to fleeing the scene, as he feared for his life according to reports.
Jerry Lial and James Lial are charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse, tampering with evidence and Jerry is charged with conspiracy.

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