Friday, August 13, 2010

Pit bull puppy's ears allegedly cut off with scissors by owners

By Paula M. Davis, Kalamazoo Gazette

A pet-rescue organization is seeking a loving home for a puppy named Mason whose original owner allegedly crudely severed the dog’s ears with scissors.

The 4-month old pit bull was taken in by Allegan County Animal Control’s shelter on Aug. 5 and then handed over to Saugatuck-area based Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance on Sunday, according to Jeff Stiegman, who serves on the board of Wishbone.
“A person who will take their puppy and take their ears off while (the dog is) fully alert is a person who has some questionable judgment,” Stiegman said.

The dog is in foster care while his ears heal but will eventually need a permanent home.

Despite what has befallen him, Stiegman said Mason is “all puppy,” playful and not at all fearful of people.

According to a press release from Wishbone, Mason first came to Allegan County Animal Control’s attention when a Grand Junction-area resident called Child Protective Services on suspicion of child neglect in a home in the resident’s neighborhood.

A child protective services investigator arrived at the home to check on the children and a toddler revealed that Mason’s ears had been cut.

The press release said this investigator called Allegan County Animal Control to report Mason’s plight. The dog’s ears, which are essentially now stumps, were infected, Stiegman said.

Stiegman said he didn’t know what happened with the child-protection inquiry.

The puppy was ultimately turned over to Wishbone Pet Rescue because shelter officials feared the dog’s original owners would send someone clandestinely to Allegan County’s animal shelter to adopt him, Stiegman said.

Wishbone Pet Rescue, Stiegman said, has the resources to conduct a more rigorous screening process of adopters than a public animal shelter.

As part of its screening process, Wishbone performs a home visit and requires veterinarian references from a potential adopting individual or family, he said.

To inquire about Mason, contact Wishbone at 800-475-0776 or

Contact Paula M. Davis at or 269-388-8583.

Update September 18, 2010 10:56am - The following article is from Kalamazoo Gazette:
Home is found for Grand Junction puppy with maimed ears

The story of Mason, the pit bull puppy with the maimed ears, has a happy ending.

Mason was officially adopted Thursday night and “is off to his new wonderful life,” according to the Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance.

A child protective services investigator found Mason, whose ears had been crudely cut off, during an investigation of child neglect at a residence near Grand Junction last month.

The Allegan County Sheriff’s Office took the pup to the animal rescue organization.

The tale of Mason sparked an outpouring of community concern, and more than 100 people contacted Wishbone about adopting the playful dog.

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