Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unsupervised pit bull attacks Milwaukee woman and her dog

By Cathy Orosz, FOX 6 Now

Milwaukee neighbors upset with city's handling of pit bull attack aftermath

Neighbors in Milwaukee's Brewers Hill neighborhood are on edge after a pit bull attack. The dog inflicted wounds on a 4-year-old Shepard mix, the woman walking the 4-year-old dog, and two neighbors who tried to help. The pit bull was returned to its owner, and neighbors are worried it could happen again. Now, they're speaking out, because they're not happy with the way the city is handling the entire situation.

On August 20th a Milwaukee woman and her dog were attacked by a pit bull during their regular walk. The unsupervised pit bull roamed the Brewers Hill neighborhood last week Monday, and eventually attacked 4-year-old Shepard mix. The dog owner was bit during the attack, and so were two other neighbors who tried to assist the woman. It took three neighbors to pry the pit bull loose.

The pit bull has been released back to its owner. Residents of the Brewers Hill neighborhood are worried the dog could get loose and attack again. The Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services says the dog is at the owners house in quarantine.

No decision have been made on the dogs future. It could be allowed to stay with its owner. The owner could be told he has to move to a different location or ultimately they could order the dog be put down.

Neighborhood Services says the investigation is ongoing, and don't know when their decision will be made.

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