Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Animal control officer attacked by pit bulls

By Dennis McCall, Taft Midway Driller

A City of Taft animal control officer was attacked and bitten several times by two pit bulls she was investigating for attacking other dogs.
The incident occurred shortly before 10 a.m. Wednesdayin the 100 block of East San Emidio Street.
City Police Sgt. Mike Eveland said animal control officer Tracy Bryan was taken by ambulance to Mercy Southwest Hospital in Bakersfield.
“She’ll need some stitches, but I think she is going to be alright,” he said.
Eveland said Bryan was responding to a complaint that the pit bulls had attacked other dogs.
“She asked the owner to see the dogs and they went around to the back yard,” Eveland said.  “When (the owner) opened the back door the dogs immediately attacked.  They knocked her down.  She tried to fight them off the best she could with her baton.”
Donovan Bentrott of Don’s Tree Service had a crew in the front yard of the home trimming a large tree when the incident occurred.
“I heard a scream and ran over to the side of the house and hopped up on the fence,” he said.  “She was on her hands and knees trying to get the dogs off of her.  One of them was on her back biting her.  I hollered at the dogs, and they parted.  That gave the girlfriend time to get them in the house.”
Bentrott said the young woman who escorted Bryan to the back yard and opened the back door was the girlfriend of the man who lives there.
He said he then jumped over the fence and went to the officer’s side.
“She said she couldn’t move her legs, and she could barely breathe.  I got on the radio and called for help.  It’s faster than calling 9-1-1.”
Police officers, county fire personnel and an ambulance responded.
Eveland said county animal control officers were called to take custody of the dogs.
“They will be quarantined and checked for rabies,” he said, while the incident is being investigated.

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