Saturday, September 25, 2010

Case of the missing Crofton dogs has happy ending as pooch found

By Danielle Bell, Nanaimo Daily News

A Crofton family is overjoyed after the second of two dogs stolen more than a month ago turned up in Nanaimo on Thursday.
The safe recovery of Jersey, a four-year-old Staffordshire pit bull, ends a dognapping tale.
Gracie, a two-year-old boxer, was found alone wandering in Cathedral Grove, near Port Alberni, in late August. Both dogs were stolen from a backyard pen in Crofton on Aug. 16. Late Thursday afternoon, owner Brooklyn Mann got the call she had been waiting for since being devastated by the disappearance.
The Nanaimo SPCA contacted the Manns after someone along Jingle Pot Road found Jersey and brought her to the shelter. Jersey had lost her collar but was identified through a tattoo. Other than an ear infection, the dog is fine and even gained weight. The mystery continues since the person who dropped off Jersey did not leave a name or contact number.
Police investigated after the dogs disappeared but so far no one has been charged in the case, according to Mann. How the dogs travelled dozens of kilometres remains unclear but for now, the Manns are just happy to have their family back.
"She just fell into our arms," said Mann of the reunion. "It was so nice to see them together again."
When Gracie arrived home after her rescue, albeit down five pounds with a skin infection, family said it was heart-wrenching to watch as she searched for Jersey. Family and friends launched an extensive search effort for the dogs, which included posters as well as Facebook and media coverage in a quest to find them.

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