Sunday, September 19, 2010

Child gets 62 stitches after he was attacked by dog


A southern Kentucky child is injured after he says he was attacked by a dog. 9-year-old Dawson Garland says he's just trying to recover after a neighbor's pit bull attacked him Friday. He says he was riding his bike home from a friend's house when it happened. His mother, Pamela says she took her son to a local hospital and from there he was airlifted to UK where he got 62 stitches in his face and mouth, causing him to have difficulty talking and eating. 
Pamela Garland says she wants the dog to be removed from the neighborhood by animal control officers.

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  1. First of all my heart goes out to the little boy that was bitten, I can't speak for anyone else, but, I have owned several different breeds of dogs since I was a child, any dog can attack. I have 2 Pit Bulls a Red nose thats 90 lbs, and a Blue nose thats 9 lbs. If my Dogs was to bite it would be no ones responsibility but MINE.If you have a Pit Bull People PLEASE be responsible, Treat them with Love!!!Any dog will be aggressive and mean if you raise them that way it's just ashamed that STUPID people mistreat them to make them fight. My point is if your gonna own a pet it's YOUR responsibility to Secure and Maintain them. If not they should be removed from the owners.


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