Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dog Attacks Man And Pup In Little Havana


By Natalia Zea, CBS 4

An elderly man walking his dog in Little Havana ended up fighting to save his pup from a bigger dog, and the commotion ended with that man given CPR and rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

83-year-old Rogelio Castillo loves his tiny maltese named Candela.  But now Candela has wounds from a dogfight that never should have happened.  It started when Castillo took his pup for a walk Tuesday evening, around his neighborhood.  A 9-month-old dog that appears to be a pit bull named King broke away from his leash and went after Candela.

An unidentified neighbor saw it all.

"When I looked to see why she was screaming, her dog had attacked the old man that lives next door, had attacked his dog," she said.

Castillo feared for his dog's life and struggled to separate them.
Finally, he got Candela away, but suddenly Castillo was the one in danger.

"I heard a loud noise, and he fell and hit the back of his head; he was right there on the gate, and when he did that he grabbed his chest and that's when the lady with the dog upstairs here called 911," said that neighbor.

Investigators aren't sure whether he had a heart attack. His family says he has high blood pressure.

Christina Morera says she just got King from a friend a week ago. She says he is a pit bull mix that has never shown an aggressive temperament before.

"My dog is really good; he's very obedient; I have him upstairs; he's the sweetest dog in the world; his name is King; he's just like a king he sleeps right next to you, takes care of you, the whole nine yards," she told CBS4's Natalia Zea.

She can't believe the dog she already loves so much could cause so much harm.

"God forbid, I hope nothing happens to the man, I really wish him to get better," said Morera.

Morera was given a $500 ticket for failing to register King with the County.
Animal Control Investigators say they will do a follow-up visit with her to see if further action is required, and to see if she can legally keep King in Miami-Dade County. Pit bulls are not allowed here.

As for Castillo, his family just hopes he pulls through this, so he can spend more time with his beloved pup.

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